i know that career transition can be tough. let's make it a little bit easier.

The Happy Work Week Community is a place where young to mid-level professionals in transition can connect, share ideas and gain insight on how to navigate their career journey. Whether you are an upcoming or recent college graduate ready to enter the workforce or an established professional unsure of what's next, this is the community for you!

We take a holistic approach to help you identify the barriers that currently prevent you from attaining your goals, assist with successfully navigating your career, and give you the techniques to effectively manage your career growth.  You're not alone - we are here every step of the way in this Career Journey together.

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We are a community of young to mid-level professionals who are reimagining our careers and creating a path we both desire and deserve.

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Our solutions allow you to navigate your career journey and connect with professionals just like you.


young professionals

Need help navigating your job search? Unsure of what your next step should be? Our Young Professionals group provides support and insight on how to successfully transition into your desired career.

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entry-level professionals

Want to take your career to the next level? Feeling lost and don't know where to start? Our Entry-Level Professionals group provides direction and support on how to successfully achieve career advancement.

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mid-level professionals

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current job? Are you looking for a new challenge? Our Established Professionals group provides direction and support on how to successfully change careers or achieve career advancement.

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You are feeling overwhelmed, lack clarity, and don't know how to start. You have searched the internet high and low for information on how to successfully navigate your career but haven't found what you are looking for. In addition, you need to know how to identify your passions and interests, learn what the job market looks like for your desired career path, and find out what skills you currently have and how to develop the ones you don't.

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You need resources and tools to help manage your career growth. You've done your research, however, you need a comprehensive and individualized plan that is tailored to you and your specific situation. You need someone to talk to who will understand what you are going through and can help you create an actionable plan.




You want to connect with others who are going through or have gone through a career transition. You want to be inspired and motivated by their stories, learn from their experiences, and gain insight on what to do next. You need a space where you can be yourself and not feel judged. A place where you can ask questions without feeling stupid or ashamed. A safe place where you can get honest answers to your career-related concerns.


hey there professionals.  meet your new coach and community.


Hi! I'm Quianna. I created the Happy Work Week Community to help professionals just like you make the most of their work weeks and build their careers. I wanted a space where professionals could navigate their entire career journey with support and resources.

The Happy Work Week Community is a place where you can be yourself and not feel judged, ask questions without feeling ignorant or ashamed, and get holistic coaching and support to manage your career growth.

I am here to help you gain control of your work week, get focused on your goals, and achieve long-term career success.

Sound like something you need? Then join us!

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stay focused and motivated with weekly group coaching sessions

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Our weekly group coaching sessions allow you to stay focused and motivated on your goals. Each session is designed to help you create positive habits, make the most of your work week, and achieve long-term career success.

In our session, we will create:




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"I believe that Quianna can help others with any variety of questions or problems about their current or future work experiences." - Katie R


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