Transition to Your Happy Place

Discover how Coaching and Training can help you successfully navigate change and achieve Career Happiness.


About Us

If the use of "Happy" and "Work Week" sounds like an oxymoron, let us explain.  

The truth is that you don't have to settle for less, staying in a job that is not ideal for where you are now.  We can help you create your own path to a career you both desire and deserve.  We combine Personal Coaching and Training with Digital Coaching software to support you through a Career Transition.

Whether you're an established professional already part of a specific industry or field looking to transition to a different field or entrepreneurship, or you're a recent college graduate just beginning your career search, we can help you identify the perfect career for you.  We'll identify the barriers that currently prevent you from attaining your goals, and we'll give you the techniques to overcome them.  We are with you each step of the way.

1-on-1 Career Transition Coaching

Coaching and Training that puts you in the driver seat of your career!

You can discover a career path that is right for you.  We support you as you transition into a career that is fulfilling, rewarding and aligned with your values.

Work/Life Balance Group Program

Group Coaching that builds self-awareness, community, and a better sense of work/life balance.

Live life on your own terms and create a path that will allow you to experience the work/life balance you desire.  Our program will help you get clear, centered, and more in control of your life.

Organization Coaching & Training

Coaching and Training that develops talent at all levels.

Do more than stand out of the crowd.  Solutions that help prepare for future opportunities and create a roadmap for overall career success.

Schedule A Strategy Session

Our Strategy Session is a 60-minute session where we dive deeper into your vision, current challenges, strengths, blocks, weaknesses, and goals.  By the end of the session, we will determine a precise plan of action for your career success.  

If you decide you would like our support to implement your plan, your initial investment will go toward the Growth Package that fits you best.  Let’s discuss your current challenges and desires to determine if our solutions are the right fit for you.  Schedule your Happy Work Week Strategy Session today!

1-hr: $150


What People Are Saying

"It was definitely well worth the investment and time working with Quianna. I would highly recommend her, especially if you find yourself searching for the next step in your career after more than a decade of being at the same spot. I really enjoyed working with her."

Will T. - Washington, D.C.

"Not only did Quianna help me narrow down which field I should be looking for a career in, but she also helped me discover what motivates me professionally and why I was so unhappy in my previous position. An awesome part of her approach is how she starts with the foundation of who you are."

Katie R. - Charlotte, NC

"Quianna is more a personal coach than strictly a career coach. I had diagnosed my problem as a "bad job". She helped me see that my problem wasn't my job, it was my approach to it and attitude about it. I think anyone could benefit from working with her."

Kim L. - Washington, D.C. Area



The Happy Work Week Community is a place where people can connect and share ideas, network, get a better understanding of the modern workplace, and explore and solve problems pertaining to workplace issues.  We connect talented professionals who are learning to navigate the modern workplace and gaining a more positive perspective on their life and career.