Ways to Actively Manage Your Career

In the modern workplace, it is becoming more common to do additional tasks and duties that originally wasn't part of your position.

One of the common complaints I hear is "That is not in my job description" or "l'm not getting paid to do this". You might have said it before. I know I've said it once or twice. Indeed, you might not be getting paid to do those additional duties. However, what if you did in the future? Having a positive perspective on additional duties and how they could benefit your overall career success can make a huge difference.

“I strongly encourage individuals to figure out where they want to go in their career so they can tie these additional duties to where they plan to be.”

I would even encourage individuals to look for different projects or duties within the company or community that is connected to their ultimate career goal and get involved.

Track Your Performance

So how do you keep all this organized? How do you keep track of all these additional duties? By using a Performance Tracker. A Performance Tracker is similar to a Brag Sheet. It is just a simple way of keeping track and highlighting your accomplishments, professional development, and skills throughout your career.

Here are a couple reasons why using a Performance Tracker would benefit your career advancement:

  1. Letter of Recommendations, Award Nominations, and References.

  2. Promotions.

  3. Updating your Resume.

  4. Improve interviewing skills.

  5. Build Confidence.

So what are some things that you should list on your Performance Tracker?

  • Education and Training including certifications, licenses, or workshops

  • Performance Evaluations, any publications you authored, projects, writing samples

  • Awards, nominations, honors

  • Testimonials, letter of recommendations, LinkedIn recommendations

  • Community or organizational involvement

Gathering all this information and keeping it organized will benefit you so that you'll have immediate access to all your information for specific situations. Just like a resume, a Performance Tracker should be tailored to a specific purpose. Have you been keeping track of your accomplishments? How do you plan to keep all your information organized?

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