Looking for ‘Perfection’ in a ‘Not So Perfect’ Company

Oh how we take things for granted. I know it might not be the best way to start a blog post, however, it’s the truth.

As I watched the sermon given by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church online, I begin to think of how I took living in the Charlotte area for granted. It is fairly difficult to find a place of worship that fills you up and compels you to get involved not only in the church but in the community. I am now 6-hours away from the church I have grown to love.

Don’t get me wrong, Elevation church isn’t perfect. I have seen the ups and downs of individual campus ministry, individuals and couples serve for selfish reasons, the change and turnover, lack of follow-up and the list goes on. In my opinion, this isn’t a reflection of the church. Instead it is a reflection of the people in the church. I could choose to focus on all the imperfections or recognize the tremendous impact Elevation makes locally and all over the world.

“This is no different than a company we work for. Think about it. We want to work for a company that compels us to get involved and make an impact. In reality, we choose to focus on the many imperfections each and everyday.”

You know what I am talking about. How Bob in Accounting doesn’t really work and spends more time at Janet’s desk talking instead of getting his work done. Once Janet is done talking with Bob, she spends another chunk of her time making personal phone calls. You are convinced that we need to move Chucks office outside. He smokes 2-packs of cigarettes a day and takes a break every 15-minutes. How is he getting anything done? How did Cindy become a manager when she can’t even manager her own time? She comes in late 3-days a week and expect you to be on time.

Unwritten Expectations

We go into situations with unwritten expectations. Expectations that we might not initially acknowledge. We expect to love our jobs, to get paid what we are worth, flexibility, benefits, etc. We might say to ourselves that we aren’t looking for perfection, we just want to be happy or experience career growth. You might have an idea of what you specifically want but have you created a list of qualities that are non-negotiable? Just imagine the pit from the movie “300”. What are some things that you would kick in the pit and say “THIS IS SPARTA”? Would it be lack of benefits? Lack of career growth? Lack of pay increase? No, kicking Bob, Janet, Chuck or Cindy in the pit is not an options.

Deciding What You Want In A Company

What qualities does a company need to possess to make you want to get up 5 days a week and give your all? Does the company you currently work for possess those qualities? Here is a list of actions you can do before going all in:

  1. Having your list prepared before you accept a position within a company could save you time and stress.

  2. Simply research a company prior to applying. What kind of impact are they currently making or made in the past? What is their vision & mission? Do you believe in what they are doing? Are they growing or downsizing? Are they investing in the company through research & development, education & training for employees, etc.?

  3. Bring your list to an interview and ask question to help you determine if the position is a good fit for you.

  4. Determine if this will be a short-term or long-term move. Will taking this position help you along your desired career path?

No matter the company, there will be at least one individual that works your nerves to no end. So is the problem the individuals in the company, the company it self or a combination of both? Figuring out what you want and finding a company that is in alignment with those desires could help set you on the right track to a successful career journey. Are there any other actions you have done that helped you along your career path?

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