Evaluating Our Thoughts Surrounding Work

How would you describe your current work experience? It's a common thing to hear people complain about their unpleasant experiences at work.

Have you noticed how negative some people speak about their job? Have you ever caught yourself speaking this way? "It just pays the bills", "I can't stand my job", "I don't know how much more I can take", I am building someone else's dream", or "I'm underpaid".

Design with Ease

“How can we begin to recognize the positive aspects of our job when there is such a negative narrative constantly running through our minds?”

Have you ever thought about this? Even if you are dissatisfied with your current position, being aware of the additional negativity you are bringing with this narrative can help you begin to take steps toward resolutions. Let's spend a moment to create a more positive narrative surrounding work.

"I'm Building Someone Else's Dream"

What makes you feel you are building someone else's dream? What is your dream? If you know, what's preventing you from working toward your own dream?

"It Just Pays the Bills"

Is that all it does? Have you learned anything new in your position? Not necessarily work related. For example, maybe you learned how to manage your time better.

"I'm Underpaid"

Did you ask if there would be opportunities for growth during the interview? Did you research the company prior to taking the job to see patterns of growth not only for the company but for employees as well?

"I can't stand my job"

What don’t you like about your job? The Work? Your colleagues? Your supervisor? The drive into work? What are you doing to improve the situation?

How did it go? By taking time to reevaluate negative statements, you become more aware of how much it can affect your day. You can begin to focus on discovering how to improve your circumstances and discover opportunities for change.

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