Our Focus

Our Vision

We believe it is possible to have a Happy Work Week not only on the individual level but the company as a whole.  We envision enjoyable workplaces across the globe where people align their hearts and minds with the company's mission and values. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide Coaching and Training that develops talent and cultivate a culture that values people and impact.

Our Values

"The Why" - We value why we serve because the workplace isn’t a life sentence of hard labor.  Instead, its an opportunity for people and organizations to make an impact in their industry each and every day.

"The Who" - We value who we serve.   We value individuals that are ready to find their freedom from within and begin to thrive in their life and career. We value small businesses that desire to strengthen their people and creating an experience within their organization.


"The How" - We value how we are making an impact. We value focusing on the unique needs of each individual client. We are passionate about developing people and building thriving cultures.  

Katie R. - Charlotte, NC

Not only did Quianna help me narrow down which field I should be looking for a career in, but she also helped me discover what motivates me professionally and why I was so unhappy in my previous position. An awesome part of her approach is how she starts with the foundation of who you are. I hadn't wanted to admit that I was severely lacking in professional confidence. However, she encouraged me to tackle that head-on before we began talking about a new career field and those initial discussions were immensely helpful.

Kim L. - Washington D.C. Area

Quianna listened. She listened to me talk about my work and what was important to me. From there, she was able to help me set goals, some of which had nothing to do with my job. She took a holistic approach to my career by focusing on my mental health and moving in positive directions. I was able to take individual actions towards supporting all kinds of interests and goals. I felt better than I had in a long while.

LaShawnda W. - Detroit, MI

Happy Work Week helped me with my Professional Development in a toxic environment where morale was very low. Happy Work Week helped change my way of thinking and provided me with the tools to excel into another position where I am ever so happy and making a positive impact in my new working environment. I highly recommend Happy Work Week for employees and employers! The change you will see in you and your organization will be DYNAMIC!

Why We Do What We Do


Our Strategy Session is a 60-minute session where we dive deeper into your vision, current challenges, strengths, blocks, weaknesses, and goals.  By the end of the session, we will determine a precise plan of action for your career success.  Your initial Strategy Session is an investment of $150.


Let’s discuss your current challenges and desires to determine if our solutions are the right fit for you.  Schedule your 

Happy Work Week Strategy Session today!

950 N. Washington Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


Tel: 571-322-8127

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