Team Meeting
Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves Career Happiness.  We envision talent at all levels successfully navigating their careers and aligning their hearts and mind with the company’s mission and values. ​

Our Mission

We partner with individuals and organizations to empower professionals in planning, navigating, and enjoying their career journey.

If the use of “Happy” and “Work Week” sounds like an oxymoron, let us explain.

The truth is that you don't have to settle for less, staying in a job that is not ideal for where you are now. We can help you create your own path to a career you both desire and deserve.  We combine Personal Coaching and Training with Digital Coaching software to support you through a Career Transition.

Whether you're an established professional already part of a specific industry or you're a recent college graduate just beginning your career search, we can help you identify the perfect career for you.


We'll examine your interests, your talents, your dreams, and your goals for the future. We'll identify the barriers that currently prevent you from attaining your goal, and we'll give you the techniques to overcome them. We are with you, each step of the way.

Team Meeting