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How to Experience Your Fullest Potential on a Weekly Basis

Having trouble making any significant advancement in your career?  The 7 Days of Happiness Course is an online course that helps people make positive changes in different areas of their life and career.  This course offers an easier way to remain consistent throughout the 12-week by allowing you to create new habits while receiving online coaching support along the way.


If you are in transition, or feel stuck or blocked in any way, then the 7 Days of Happiness Online Course is for you.  In this 12-Week Course we will cover: 


  • Self-Evaluations

  • Negative Self-Talk 

  • Limiting Beliefs 

  • Unhealthy Habits 

  • Consistency  

  • Fear of Change 

  • Boundaries 

  • Joy & Laughter  

  • Experiencing Each Moment 

  • Work Ethic 

  • Defining Success 


What will you get?


  • Your 7 Days of Happiness Workbook

  • 7 Days of Happiness Pulse Survey

  • Access to our 7 Days of Happiness Habit Program

  • Access to 1 Personality or Psychological Assessment

  • Online Coaching Support​


What will you have to invest?


The 7 Days of Happiness Online Course is a cost-effective way to begin your personal growth journey. This course is an investment of just $47/month.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.