Work/Life Balance Group Coaching



A 12-Week journey to discover your own personal truth and create more balance in your life and career.


Do you desire more happiness in your everyday life?  The Work/Life Balance Group Program combines Digitial and Group Coaching to help people make positive changes in different areas of their life and career.  This program offers an easier way to remain consistent throughout the 12-weeks by allowing you to create new habits while receiving online coaching support along the way.

If you are in transition, or feel stuck or blocked in any way, then the Work/Life Balance Group Coaching Program is for you.  In this 12-Week Program we will cover: 

This week you will take some time to evaluate what areas of your life and career that require improvement.  It is important to begin by evaluating what is preventing growth in your life and career. ​


Negative self-talk stops us from taking action and sheds a negative light on our self-image.  Take time this week to address negative self-talk in your life and career and create a more positive dialog.

Negative Self-Talk

When we neglect to reach for our full potential, we limit our growth and place ourselves in a box.  This week you will identify which of your beliefs limit your life and career and keep you from growing.

Limiting Beliefs

Repetition creates routines.  Routines create habits.  Habits create lifestyles.  Spend this week understanding how your unhealthy habits are affecting your life and career and begin to create healthier habits.

Unhealthy Habits

Personal development is not an overnight process.  The consistency of action is vital to success.  Take this week to determine where you need more consistency in your life and career and how you can create that consistency.


Change can be terrifying, especially when you are accustomed to a certain routine. This week we will determine what causes hesitation to change, even when you are unhappy with the current situation.

Fear of Change

When we don’t set healthy boundaries we are neglecting our well-being.  You may begin to feel powerless, drained, unheard, and consumed by the negativity around you.  It allows you to be who you truly are without feeling disrespected, used, or misunderstood. 


Laughter is medicine to the soul.  If you are not laughing on a daily basis, you are missing opportunities to fill your spirit with joy. 

Joy & Laughter

This week we will focus on how we can experience each moment.  We live in a world where we are consumed by electronic devices and limited social interaction.  Let's explore how we can be fully present at work and day-to-day life.

Experiencing Each Moment

Cultivating a stellar work ethic, no matter what circumstances you face is crucial to personal growth. This week we will focus on your work ethic and how you can improve your life and career. 

Work Ethic

Since we are all different, we experience success differently. It isn't wise to compare our life or successes to anyone else.  Spend time this week defining success and determine what you need to do to gain personal success.

Define Success

Congratulations!!!!  After completing 11-weeks of personal development,  it’s time to celebrate your success.

We will assess how you have progressed as well as determine what areas were difficult to untangle.




Information alone won't cause behavior change.  To create lasting change in your life and career, our daily coaching tools help you reinforce positive behaviors and perspectives in just 10-minutes a day. You will gain better results through online learning, habit building, and measurable action.  At the beginning of each week, we come together to celebrate our wins and provide support in areas you need help in the most.


Group Coaching allows individuals with common desires to come together and accomplish goals, improve personal or professional development, and gain self-awareness.  The Work/Life Balance Group Program offers an easier way to become more aware of what is working for you and what areas are in need of improvement so you can begin to experience the balance you deserve.


Maximize your growth with tools that help you better understand your journey.  See your progress with our graphs and visual tools.  By tracking daily reflections and activities, you will be able to discover patterns of successes and failures. 


This powerful insight reveals actions that bring you the most success so you can accomplish your goals and experience real growth.


You won't go at it alone.  With our online coaching chat feature, you will get the extra support and accountability you need to remain consistent.

Work/Life Balance Group Program

The March 01, 2020 group has begun.  The next group program begins on August 30, 2020.
Let's determine if this 
12-Week journey is right for you.  Book a call with me today to learn more about the program.

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