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"I accepted a job offer with a Fortune 500 company and through continued assistance with Professional Development by Happy Work Week, I was recently promoted.  Quianna is very attentive to details and I would recommend her to anyone." 

S.A. - Tampa, FL


Certified Group Coach

"The Why" - We value why we serve.

We value helping professionals 'Work with Purpose', companies 'Build Stronger Teams', and individuals 'Own their Greatness'.

"The Who" - We value who we serve.  

We value individuals that are ready to change the course of their career and life path. We value small businesses that desire to strengthen their people and creating an experience within their organization.
"The How" - We value how we are making an impact.

We value focusing on the unique needs of each individual client. We are passionate about developing people and building thriving cultures.


Crafting a precise plan of action to achieve career success


Identifying areas in need of growth and discover practical solutions

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We believe it is possible to have a Happy Work Week not only on the individual level but the company as a whole.  We envision enjoyable workplaces across the globe where people align their hearts and minds with the company's mission and values.

Certified Coach

It is our belief that people neglect to see the true value they bring to a company.  The actual impact they are making each and every day.  We believe it's possible for people to create a career path where they view work from a place of impact instead of obligation leaving them feeling fulfilled and not forced. It's possible for people and organizations to work together to create an enjoyable and thriving workplace no matter if the company is starting from the ground up or already in existence. That's why our mission is to help people gain clarity and control over their career path and find peace and purpose at work.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Quianna over the past month. We decided that a package of five sessions would match my needs and we went well above and beyond what I was expecting to get out of our meetings!

K.R. - Charlotte, NC

Master Certified Coach

Certified Professional Coach

Certified Laser Coach


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